• Adras Ball Mis-Mas


    Inspired by the wealth of textile patterns of the Silk Road to design the Adras collection. By Mis-mas.


    Simple but so versatile as to create infinite combinations. And most of all, original: Delta is a playful colored triangle encapsulated in a rectangle. First to bring back to life rectangular tiles, then to innovate with unusual shapes. We continue giving the possibility to create a custom made space. It’s our third collaboration with MUT Design studio.It’s our third collabo-ration with MUT Design studio.

  • ADRAS New collection 2017

    Inspired by the wealth of textile patterns of the Silk Road to design the Adras collection. By Mis-mas.

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    Keidos Origin, the first steps of our Keidos collecction designes by MUT Designs, a small triangle integrated in our 20x23x1,6 cm hexagonal cement tile. Simplicity is the key to elegance.

  • Lady Arlet

    Arlet, is a simple geometric plot whose graphical operation results from the joints of 6 opposing vertices, thus creating three of the six diagonals that form a regular hexagon. Individually, the result is a piece of extreme simplicity and easy visualization that acquires value and power in composition with others.

  • Delta collection

    Delta collection, the rectangle the new star of the geometric figures

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  • Keidos

    Inspired by kaleidoscopes we have an infinite set of colors and shapes. Made up of 4 hexagonal designs in four color combinations. Available in 23x20x1.6cm

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  • Drops

    Drops. The animal world inspired this first collection that draws on Japanese fish ponds used since antiquity to provide homes tranquility and harmony. Available on 20x20x2,2cm and 20x20x1,8cm

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  • CLA_CB_35


  • CLA_CB_15

  • GEO_UN_22

  • GEO_UN_04

  • GEO_CB_11


The cement tile or encaustic cement tile is very trendy nowadays. But this wonderful material that is able to create unique and personal spaces will remain trendy so long as it has quality. In enticdesigns we strive every day to recover a taste for the beautiful things, for the ancient designs, for the well done things, for the value of a handmade piece, caring all the details. In short, making sure that every customer is satisfied with the choice of his tiles from design to combination of colours. We manufacture our tiles with the best quality offering classical designs and modern ones, such as our enticdesigns’ registered Drops and Keidos collections.