ENTICDESIGNS AGAINST FAKE: At enticdesigns we fight against fakes

Enticdesigns cement tiles. Beyond our work, the quality and design of our products, there is something that identifies us : ethics.

Since the beginning of our passion in this world of handmade cement tiles, we have never used others’ work. We have never used a single photo that did not belong to us. We have never copied a design that could have been created by another company. We have never stepped on anybody.

But we have been copied by Spanish, Moroccans, Chinese, Greek and Turkish manufacturers. They copied our copyright registered collections KEIDOS and Drops. They have also posted photos from our website and social medias stealing our work.

That is why we want to complain to these situations. Unfortunately, the laws quite lax in this respect. As well as the morale of who commits these absurdities. Specially outside the European Union. So we can only appeal to the good practices of our competitors and trust our lawyers.

Maria-Eugenia Rubio

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