ENTICDESIGNS CMENT TILES: Our Delta collection and Pantone 2016, Rose Quartz and Serenity, two of a kind.

Enticdesigns cement tiles delta collection. Our Delta collection and Pantone 2016, Rose Quartz and Serenity, two of a kind.

There is a reference worlwide known: Pantone. And the reference colors for 2016 are Rose quartz and Serenity.

At enticdesigns we were not surprised by this selection of colors. We already did different designs of our cement tiles in this color combination. But we are so proud to launch our new collection DELTA starting with this color combinations.

With a unique and distinctive design, DELTA allows multiple compositions with a single tile. Rose quartz and Serenity are two keys to combine and create personal spaces. Moreover, with a rectangular format (28x14cm., not offered on the market).

Pantone describes on its website the two colors for 2016. The rose quartz is persuasive but gentle, suggests compassion and a sense of sophistication. Serenity is light, with a sense of air, such as the blue sky that is upon us. Both inspiring relaxation even in the worst of times. ”

The sophistication and lightness, air and blue skies flow over DELTA. MUT Design has been inspired again by nature to create this collection. Delta is the triangular fourth letter of the Greek alphabet represented in the tile. But it is also the sandbank of many rivers. In them, fresh water, lower density, confluent with salt water, generating infinite and surprising effects. An incredibly versatile collection that offers multiple compositions through a single tile.

Maria-Eugenia Rubio

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